Torx, Pozidriv or philips recess - News

The differences in Torx, Pozi and Philips recess

Chipboard screws in the Netherlands usually have a Pozidriv recess. Nevertheless, the application of screws with a Torx® recess increases slowly.


The advantage of Torx® is the better drive, requiring less pressing force than with the Pozidriv impression. The risk of damaging the screw is lower because the bit less easily shoot from the head. Torx® know impressions in addition, a larger variation in the size of the bits.

Different screw thicknesses need a custom size bit.
This is more limited with Pozidriv screws. With Pozidriv, the slight difference between a Phillips and a Pozidriv recess may be the cause of a lot of screwdriving pain. The Phillips recess is especially used for drywall screws.